The Fundamentals


It’s an exploration of consciousness, of reality, that brings so much amazing information together in a simple, clear and practical way. Come and explore the fundamental concepts of Practical Metaphysics!

See below for a full breakdown of topics.

Metaphysical Topics


Modules with Written Exercises

A section from “The New Model of Consciousness” (Module 1)

The topics covered on this Journey include:

The 9 Levels of Consciousness • Body, Mind and Spirit • The Dream Reality • The Astral Realm • Collective Soul Agreements • Individual Soul Agreements • The Realm of Spirit • The Higher Mind and the Higher Self • The Soul • The Oversoul • Creation, Source, Existence • Your Purpose in Creation • The Soul’s Journey from Spirit to Materiality • Your Many Incarnations • Your Reality is a Projection • Your Parallel Lives • Connections Between Lives • Everything Exists NOW • Time is Not What You Think • Past, Present and Future Life Memories • Balancing Multiple Lives • The Twin Flame Connection • Shifting Your Eye of Consciousness • Channeling • Remote Healing • Artistic Expression • Mindfulness • The Three Voices in Your Head • The Ego • The Imagination • Intuition • Beliefs, Emotions and Thoughts • The Guidance from your Higher Self • Your Free Will • Your Reality is Neutral • How We Project Our Physical Reality • The Soul’s Vibrational Resonance • Parallel Realities • Quantum Physics • How to Shift Realities • Following Your Excitement • Taking Action

What others are saying…

“I finally found the tools I needed to be valiant in this life, without traveling to the Amazon basin, the Himalayas, or the Arctic! I feel empowered to change the world for the better, to live authentically and all while having the support of this phenomenal class and not feeling odd for any and everything I might consider doing metaphysically. Thank you Blair Robinson. I am eternally grateful for you. My family thanks you for giving of yourself and creating this class so that I can be free and see the dawn of a new day again.”

Amber R.

“I feel at home here after a lifetime of thinking I didn’t belong. Blair and the tribe have helped me see I can be all I want to be and I’m accepted totally where I am. The course is peeling back layers each week equipping me with new ways and tools to walk in my authentic self. The fear is gradually fading away.
Blair’s vision, courage and safe space is nurturing me in ways I cannot fully describe but knowing I can move forward full enough to help others is an absolute joy.
Forever thankful.”

Donna L.

“Thank You Blair, thank you for putting this course together. I finally understand everything that has been within my head for years, all laid out in clear and concise language! The Fundamentals has brought me to a place of acceptance and understanding of my self and in doing so given me the courage and motivation to no longer sit in the background. I am my reality and in understanding my reality I can move forward. Life changing content here!”

Nici G.

“It’s amazing – it’s one of the most profound things – I can’t fathom how he squeezed so many metaphysical concepts in such a simple yet profound presentation. It’s like seeing what we know unfold all together in a dance. The simplicity of it is genius, it’s a constant ongoing unfolding, like watching everything we know and perceive presented by Blairs genius ability to summarize and simplify. It’s wonderful to encounter another’s genius perspective presented to me.”

Mona A.