The Calling – Take Action

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You know what your calling is. You have a strong desire to be doing it. You have excitement, passion, skill. But how, in this busy world, do you take it from being an idea to a solid reality?

In this program we’ll work together to get you taking action on living your passion, your excitement, your calling and take it from an exciting idea to a real-world activity with tangible results. Full details below.



Now that you know what your calling is, it’s time to Take Action.

This program is a 3-4 week intensive that gets you taking action on your passion. Maybe you’ve already started something, but life keeps getting in the way. Maybe you’re not clear what the next steps should be. Or maybe you’re doubting whether it’s even possible to do what you’re passionate about. Regardless of the situation, this program will have you making actual progress towards making your passion a reality. It’s ideal for:

  • Authors, artists, musicians, healers or coaches who are wanting to make their craft a full-time occupation
  • Bloggers, experts or entertainers who want to expand their influence and reach more people
  • People who have trained in a healing modality and want to go into practice
  • Anyone, in any field, who wants to make the transition from working full-time to running their own business.

Over the 3-4 weeks you’ll work directly with me to delve into the detail of your passion, we’ll define the steps needed to make it a reality and I’ll keep you accountable for taking the actions necessary!

Could you imagine what your life would be life if you were living your passion?


With Love,