The Calling – Discovery

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Some people just know that there’s more to life than this. They know they are destined to live to their full potential, using their gifts, talents and life experience. But how do you take steps towards this kind of life without a clear direction?

In this short program we’ll work together to get the clarity you need so you can immediately start to take action on your calling. Full details below.



Discovery is a 2-3 week program that takes you from a a place of uncertainty about your calling in life to a place where you can take clear, decisive action on it. It’s ideal if you:

  • feel like there must be more to life, but you’re unsure what action to take about it
  • feel drawn towards helping others because of the life experiences you’ve had
  • are gifted with a natural talent of some kind that you’re not currently using
  • feel that you lack excitement, passion and creativity
  • are faced with too many choices about what to commit your energy to.

Over the 2-3 weeks you’ll work directly with me to define and clarify your excitement, passion, gifts, talents, skills, experiences, all of which will come together to to give you an exciting new direction to take.

Could you imagine what your life would be life if you were living your passion?


With Love,