The Fundamentals



This is the most profoundly impactful course we have on offer. So many people have used the information in this course to radically change their lives. You will not be the same person once you have completed this Journey.

  • Join anytime, go at your own pace
  • 5 Videos, 4 unique Modules
  • Optional written exercises for each Module

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The Fundamentals is an amazing Journey through some of the core concepts of Practical Metaphysics. These include:

The 9 Levels of Consciousness • Body, Mind and Spirit • The Dream Reality • The Astral Realm • Collective Soul Agreements • Individual Soul Agreements • The Realm of Spirit • The Higher Mind and the Higher Self • The Soul • The Oversoul • Creation, Source, Existence • Your Purpose in Creation • The Soul’s Journey from Spirit to Materiality • Your Many Incarnations • Your Reality is a Projection • Your Parallel Lives • Connections Between Lives • Everything Exists NOW • Time is Not What You Think • Past, Present and Future Life Memories • Balancing Multiple Lives • The Twin Flame Connection • Shifting Your Eye of Consciousness • Channeling • Remote Healing • Artistic Expression • Mindfulness • The Three Voices in Your Head • The Ego • The Imagination • Intuition • Beliefs, Emotions and Thoughts • The Guidance from your Higher Self • Your Free Will • Your Reality is Neutral • How We Project Our Physical Reality • The Soul’s Vibrational Resonance • Parallel Realities • Quantum Physics • How to Shift Realities • Following Your Excitement • Taking Action

There are five videos altogether, spread across four modules. At the end of each module there are written exercises to solidify and crystallise the information in the videos.

This Journey is truly a remarkable experience which will greatly accelerate your self-knowledge and allow you to make incredible changes in your reality.


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