Belief Busters


It’s time to break through those limiting beliefs that have been holding you back for so long. This revolutionary course can be done in three ways:

  • Do-It-Yourself – Work through the course at your own pace
  • Join the Group – Online weekly meetings with others going through the process
  • One-on-One – Private sessions with Blair Robinson.

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By the end of this course, you will have let go of a limiting belief that has been holding you back in life.

If you’ve ever felt that you’re not living to your full potential, then this is the course for youOver 5 modules (6 if you count the introduction!), I’ll take you through the end-to-end process I’ve developed called Belief Mapping. This process has proven incredibly effective for understanding, isolating and eliminating the limiting beliefs that are keeping you locked into a reality that you don’t prefer, keeping you playing a small-time game, stuck, or making it difficult for you to take action.

  • Module 1 is a primer on what beliefs are all about, how they’re built and how that affect your life.
  • Module 2 is called ‘Your Situation Story’ and is a written exercise where you get clarity on exactly what your situation is that you want to change.
  • Module 3 is ‘Turning Over the Rock’ and is a hugely introspective exercise where we work backwards from your Situation Story and map back to the beliefs that are making that story true for you.
  • Module 4 is called ‘Letting Go’ and shows you how to let go of the beliefs that we mapped when we turned over the rock
  • Module 5 is called ‘What Now?’ and talks about how to crystallise your new belief structure into place, and what to do if you feel that you haven’t quite let go of the belief yet.

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