Well, it’s Monday morning, and I’m committed to going back to the workplace to serve out my time. I started out thinking quite negatively about the day ahead. But then I asked myself two key questions:

  • Why does this have to be negative? Instead of thinking “only 2 more weeks of hell to endure”, maybe I could swap that negative self-talk out for “Only 2 weeks until I get to do the work I love full-time!!”
  • “What’s so bad about going to that office anyway?” And my answer was this: The people are unkind and uncaring. And I feel bad and try to avoid them.

So I decided to employ a technique that I’ve used many times that rescues my state from the negative and plants it firmly into the positive: I was going to embody the very values that I thought were missing in the situation. In other words, I was going to rock up at the office and be kind and caring to everybody, no matter what I thought of them.

Boy, did that make a difference to my day! I waved and greeted the Beady-Eyed Manager warmly, asked him how his weekend was with genuine interest. I spent time with my replacement, giving him lots of great information and valuable insights into the task he’s taken on. I met with the most unfriendly manager in the place and saw him as a tired, overworked guy trying to do his best. People were genuinely surprised and disarmed by my friendliness. I kept my vibration firmly locked in to my future self, without trying to fit in to the vibration that I found in that office, that was now so inauthentic to me.

And I had quite a good day. One down. Nine to go.