I have now realised that the reason I have not, up to this point, created the reality I desire is because I have not been taking action in alignment with that reality.

I studied and practiced to become a Life Coach – that was one significant action I did take. But then continued to work full-time I.T. What was I thinking?? (Money!!!) – Cost: 2yrs

So then when nothing was shifting I left full-time I.T work and got contract work that was much easier and better money, supposedly so I could focus more on my coaching practice. What was I thinking?? (More money + less work = easy road to success as a coach!) – Cost: 3yrs

So effectively it’s taken me 5 years to create a breakthrough that contains the opportunity to do what I love. This is because my STATE for the past 5 years was mostly focused on OTHER stuff than where I wanted to be. On pretending to be a dedicated worker in a field that I was not truly interested in any more.

But, at least there was SOME action. If there was none, then we wouldn’t be having this conversation. And maybe, if there was only a small amount of action, we would be having this conversation another 5 years into the timeline. Importantly, I took as much action as I possibly could, given the circumstances (beliefs) I had at the time and what I needed to do.

So what have I learnt?

To create the reality you desire – Take action on your excitement, every moment that you can, to the best of your ability, and don’t stop until synchronicity shows you how it will support you on your journey.

With Love,