Well that’s it. A small lunchtime gathering at the local Yum Cha restaurant to mark my departure, a few shared stories and handshakes, one or two hugs and I’m leaving corporate life forever.

I normally get a bit misty-eyed at occasions like this, but not this time. All I could think about was the incredible possibilities in front of me now as a full-time professional Practical Metaphysician. By the time I’d driven out of the carpark, I had completely forgotten the last three years as if they hadn’t even happened. And I’m not staying that from a place of denial or negativity, I honestly did not feel like I’d ever even worked there. And today, even more so, it’s like it never happened. I wonder, rather fancifully, that the day might come where there is a ‘Mandela’ effect and I have two sets of memories from two parallel reality timelines, one where I worked there and the other where I didn’t. But in any case, I have realised the dramatic impact that holding onto my contract work has had in my life. It has allowed me to keep myself in a safe, comfortable world that could never support me doing what I love, even though it was my strongest desire. Fortunately, my spirit, my Higher Self and the agreements I’ve made with all of you people have a strong energetic presence in my life, and it has overcome the Ego’s desire to keep me safe, and allowed me to create a reality where I can take action on this excitement and make it my truth.

Doing the school run on Friday, the kids put on some songs from the musical “Hamilton” in the car, and the song that grabbed me was “I’m Not Throwin’ Away My Shot!”.

What perfect synchronicity. I’m NOT throwin’ away my shot! This is my shot at creating a life where I do what I love. I have wanted this from the moment I was born.

With Love,