‘The Shift’, this journey I’m on, is literally the process of changing my state of being. For me it’s transitioning from being a person who does regular work to being a person who does what they love for a living. It’s not limited to this, of course, The Shift could be a transition to ANY state of being – to a new relationship, a new state of health, a new gender, anything at all. But for me, on this journey, it’s about leaving behind my safe, 30-year career in I.T and becoming the founder of Practical Metaphysics full-time.

In these past few weeks, I have confirmed for myself the two most important aspects of my Shift, or really ANY shift that you want to take place in your reality:

  1. Passion. You must have passion to drive you forward, to give you momentum.
  2. Beliefs. You must let go of the limiting beliefs that stand in your way.

I see these as the two sides of the yin-yang, because each contains the seed of the other. When you take action on your passion, it automatically sets up synchronicities – situations and circumstances – that bring to your attention any belief systems that might be standing in your way. And when you do the inner work to let go of these limiting beliefs, it immediately sparks passion within you to take action as you feel the freedom of letting the belief go. Action then leads to synchronicity and the whole cycle repeats.

So, when I took action to create Practical Metaphysics and then left my full-time job, situations and circumstances began to come up that showed me where my belief systems were out of alignment. One of those situations presented as a financial disaster. It began to look like all of the money I’d put away over the last 3 years was about to be consumed, meaning that I would have to go back to employment and would not be able to continue to do Practical Metaphysics full-time. I was pretty devastated, at first. I knew, though, that this experience was a result of my belief system, but I just wasn’t in touch with that belief system so I could let it go.

So, I went through the process of Belief Mapping (the same process I have now made into the Belief Busters online course) and I must admit I had the expectation that the limiting belief would be something like “I’m not good enough” or “my work doesn’t have value”. But the core belief I uncovered was actually this:

  • I don’t deserve to do the work I love. It’s not the right thing to do. It’s self-indulgent.

I saw then how I’m creating the experience of this financial disaster to validate this belief – to save myself from dealing with the bad feelings of guilt and unworthiness by creating circumstances that give me no choice but to return to traditional work. The minute I realised that I was carrying this stupid belief around with me, I let it go. I felt that incredible lightness you feel after busting a limiting belief, with the sudden realisation that what you truly want is not only possible, but highly probable.

Busting that limiting belief also allowed me to be more balanced in my approach to this impending financial disaster. I was now okay with whatever the outcome would be, because no matter what I now feel like I can safely let go of my I.T career and life will go on without the hardship or suffering that would have happened in the past.

A few days ago I received a call from my accountant explaining that the extent of the financial disaster wasn’t anywhere near what we thought and that I can continue with my work on Practical Metaphysics. I attribute that change in outcome to the changes I made in my belief system.

And with that realisation, I decided to throw down the challenge to that old belief system and take action to crystallise the new. I went ahead with the work to renovate the unfinished workshop at the rear of my house to become the official Practical Metaphysics Office! A new roof, new wiring, soundproofing, a new floor and air conditioning are all happening as I write this!!! It’s VERY exciting!! I’m very happy to have flipped back over to the passionate side of the yin-yang. It’s great to be here! And I know that when I hit the next inflection point where more limiting beliefs come up, I have a great process for clearing them so I don’t end up creating a reality that I don’t prefer.

This is the representation of the Yin-Yang from the Belief Busters course.

So… Come and bust some limiting beliefs. Your life will never be the same.

With Love,