I am Becoming. This isn’t something I ever thought I’d hear myself say. I always thought I was the type of person who could, in the blink of an eye, turn my hand to whatever I wanted to do, and be successful at it. But I’m realising, finally, that to change my identity from a person who primarily worked for other people, to a person who works for themselves, requires you to go through a process of re-invention. That’s what I call Becoming.

I spent 30 years working in fancy offices, wearing business attire, addressing CIOs, CFOs and CEOs.
Now I’m sometimes still working in my pyjamas until midday.

I spent years doing domestic and international travel, staying in nice hotels and having awesome business-class facilities.
Now I have to squeeze past the ironing board just to get in to my desk.

I received lots of awards and accolades, given by important people who encouraged me to keep going and pursue my career goals.
Now I need to cut my work short to go clean up the kitchen before the family gets home.

My Father in-law asked me yesterday “Have you found a job yet?”. And honestly it made me feel like going on the back foot a little, but I didn’t. I said “I don’t need to find a job, I have a business that’s going really well”. Truth is, it won’t go well until I’ve Become.

So, I am finally Becoming to the point where now, I’m just starting to see the first reflections of it in my outer reality. I’m being recognised for my success in creating Practical Metaphysics. I’ve met the MD of Hay House Publishers. I’m building an office out the back of my home, which got all wired up yesterday and is taking shape (very exciting!). And I’m no longer wearing pyjamas during the work day.

I know now that you have to Become before you Are.

With Love,