We’re taking Practical Metaphysics to the world stage with…

1000 Stories

Can you imagine the positive impact of so many incredible stories?

So what’s YOUR Story?

Below is a space for you to tell your story of how a metaphysical concept unfolded in your life. Did synchronicity bring you something extraordinary? Did a personal disaster result in amazing growth? Did you change your life using the knowledge that you are the creator of your reality? These stories will be a powerful recource for people exploring metaphysics and will shine a light on how it changes lives! Each week in the Facebook group, we will be featuring one of these stories as a great example of Practical Metaphysics in action. Guidelines are below.

1000 Stories


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Guidelines for Crafting YOUR Story…

  • It can be as long or as short as you like. But do go into detail, because that’s what resonates more with the readers.
  • Ideally, the story should link an important happening, event or change in your life to a principle that is often discussed in Practical Metaphysics. For example, using the Law of Attraction to bring about something in your life that you didn’t have before. Or, the story of how you were able to overcome a hardship in life by seeing it from a metaphysical perspective. Or how taking action on your excitement and passion resulted in synchronicities that took you places.
  • Be authentic, be real, and tell your story from the heart!

And if you don’t yet have a story… That’s okay – let’s work on getting you one! Any of the courses or webinars that we offer here on the website can inspire you to take action on something in your life. And when you take action in that way, guided and informed by the information from Practical Metaphysics and from your own intuitive knowledge, the results are always amazing.

So get on it!